Reindeer Rubber Duckies

Reindeer Rubber Duckies

Item: 146-204

A Classic Rubber Duck to Lead the Way to Christmas Fun

The reindeer ducks are a fun way to celebrate Christmas. These reindeer rubber ducks are the perfect Christmas party decoration!

  • Package of nine reindeer ducks, One Rudolph and the rest of the team!
  • 2″ long, 2″ wide, and 2¾″ tall.
  • Made of rubber.
  • Assorted styles.
  • Ducks do not float upright.
  • These duckies do not squeak.

The reindeer ducks are an ideal Christmas party decoration. These ducks add holiday cheer to any room and are the perfect Christmas party favor for your guests!

Never been in charge of a duck race fundraiser before?
Don't worry, it's easy. Just “sell” each ducky at a set price, let the duckies race their way to the finish line, and give the “owners” of the first duck (or first few) a prize.

Never been in charge of the duck pond game before?
Don't worry, it's even easier than a duckie river race. Just number each duck and place it in the pond. Have your guests select a ducky and win the prize that corresponds to the number.

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