Gold Dollar Sign Pendant Beads

Gold Dollar Sign Pendant Beads

Item: 146-208

Surprise them with Beads like They've Never Seen

These Dollar Sign Beads are an attractive addition to any party and priced to keep your check book as happy as your guests.

  • 12 pendant beads per package.
  • 32" from clasp to clasp.
  • 2½″ long and 2″ wide dollar sign dangle pendant at bottom.
  • Made of bright, shiny, and durable plastic.

We don't force you to buy full cases of Mardi Gras beads; we just want you to order the beads you like in the quantity you need. And at these prices, you can still afford to throw beads away (well, at least to those who deserve Mardi Gras beads).

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