Oktoberfest Planning Guide

Party Like A German,
Even If It's Only For A Night

Oktoberfest 2017: September 16th - October 3rd

It’s time to party like your ancestors! Well, even if you’re not German, we won’t tell . . . . . The party began on October 12, 1810 when Prince Ludwig of Bavaria wanted his people to celebrate his marriage to Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen. Large quantities of food and beer were consumed during the celebration and the decision was made to continue the tradition year after year. Although Germans created this annual tradition, the festivities have rapidly grown to people of all backgrounds. So don’t worry, we won’t let an opportunity to party pass you by. After we guide you through hosting your Oktoberfest party, your guests will want you to make it an annual tradition!.

Set the Mood

Every great host knows that setting the right mood for your gathering is essential to a long lasting and memorable party. Be sure that your yard is well marked with German inspired outdoor decorations so your guests have no trouble finding your house. It is your choice to you to hold your party outside or inside, although traditionally Oktoberfest parties are held outdoors. Make sure if you do have the gathering outdoors that you don’t forget to have decorations on the inside as well, in case bad weather forces you to move the party indoors. For occasions like Oktoberfest, it’s best to keep the decorations playful and fun.

Dress the Part

Nothing says let’s get this party started like dressing for the party’s theme. Make sure you let your guest know at least a few weeks in advance to wear some fun Oktoberfest garb, so they have enough time to partake in the costume extravaganza. Whether it’s a few accessory pieces, or a full on Oktoberfest outfit, your guest will have a blast seeing everyone dressed in their German inspired gear. You can even have a best dressed German male and female contest to be sure everyone gets into the theme of the evening. As the host, we know you will be decked out in full costume from head to toe, but make sure to have some extra inexpensive accessories on hand so your unprepared guests won’t miss out on the fun.

Get Your Eat and Drink On

Now, for everyone’s favorite part of the evening, food and beverages. Serve some delicious German party foods such as German Style Chicken, Bratwurst, German potato salad, dumplings and of course pretzels. Make sure to make large quantities because when the beer starts flowing, people tend to get hungrier. It may be easiest if you are having a larger gathering, to serve a buffet style dinner, so people can help themselves whenever they arrive. Make sure to stock up on extra Oktoberfest tableware just in case people want seconds on the cuisine. As for the beverages, you can’t have an Oktoberfest without some German Beer! Depending on the size of you party, you can choose to either get German beer in bottles or a keg or two or three . . . . . . If you really want to light up the party, get some flashy drink ware that everyone will be able to see once the lights go down!

Entertain Your Guests

After your guests have filled their bellies, make sure they have some entertainment. Depending on your party budget, you could hire a band, dj, or fill your iPod with some German music. Create a space for people to dance and show off their moves. You can also set up some tables in case your guests want to play some drinking games. Don’t over structure your party; this occasion is about good food and good friends. Let your guests dance and play the night away in the German inspired soiree of the year!