Men's Health Awareness Planning Guide

Men's Health Awareness Party Planning Guide

Get Your Stash on for a Good Cause

November will be here soon and we all know what that means . . . . it’s time to put down the razors and pick up the mustache wax! Sporting a mustache for the 30 days of November, not only gives you a break from shaving, it spreads awareness about those hard to talk about men’s health topics. Men’s health issues, such as prostate and testicular cancer, may not be something your favorite guys are the most comfortable talking about, so let your stache start the conversation! Donning a rockin’ mustache is the silly and stylish way to help save a life.

Bringing Back the Stash

Men's Health Awareness Month began its roots in Melbourne Australia in 2003 with a few guys and a few beers. A group of local men began discussing how October had become synonymous with breast cancer awareness, yet there wasn’t much discussion regarding men’s health. The crew decided that every year on November 1, they would let their staches go unshaven until the last day of the month. Fast forward to November of 2012, during which over 1 million participants got involved in the mustache awareness effort and projections continue to rise for November 2016.

Get Growing

Getting involved in this moustache event is the perfect way to support this important cause. Educate yourself, friends, and family about the importance of men’s health, including regular checkups, screenings, and having honest conversations with your doctor. Be prepared for people to inquire about your fabulous stache, and let them know why it’s important to you! If your mustache growing guys want to help the cause monetarily, host a walk, kickball tourney, or softball event. Ask for donations, pledges, and time from family, friends, and coworkers. Soon, your particpants will be on their way to helping the cause. Since blue is the color representing men's health awareness, stock up on blue and moustache inspired favors, decorations, and tableware to create even more awareness for your event.

A Hairy Competition

As November winds down, plan to host a party with your favorite men’s health advocates to show off their fun facial hair. All of your male particpants should have their mustaches well groomed and stylin’ for the friendly “best stache competition”. Don’t leave your favorite females out of the mustache championship! Stock up on faux moustaches for the ladies and children that want to participate in the men's health movement. Host a stache party to remember, and watch your support for men’s health awareness grow as big your mustache every November.