Masquerade Party Planning Guide

Throw A Mystery Masquerade

Create a night of mystery with a masquerade theme party. A masquerade is the perfect theme for any Mardi Gras party, Sweet 16 birthday and high school dances. Add masquerade masks to any event for mystery and magic. This theme is the perfect excuse to pull out the formal wear. Get extra wear out of your old homecoming dresses by making your masquerade party a formal!


Start the event off right with invitations. For out of the ordinary invitations, use cheap plastic masquerade masks. You can cut off the elastic band and write the invite information on the masks with permanent marker. You can even glue feathers, glitter and jewels to the masks for some extra flair. If you are making your masquerade a formal event, you could go with award night formal rolled invitations. Don't forget that if you want your guests to bring their own masquerade mask, you need to put that in the invitation. Even if you are providing masks as party favors, you may want to include that in the invitations also. Add a simple line in the invitations saying either, "masquerade masks will be provided" or "please add to our night of mystery by bringing your own masquerade mask."


Create a mysterious mood for your masquerade party. One of the most common and classy ways to decorate masquerade parties is to decide on a solid color and then add black, silver, or gold accents. This gives the event an extravagant feel. A great entry way for any masquerade party is a balloon arch compiled of your theme colors. Another great decoration is some kind of metallic curtain, again stick with your event colors and use curtains and gossamer fabric to create a mysterious mood atmosphere. If you want more mystery, wind light strands through the curtains and gossamer and try tea light candles on the tables.


Don’t be afraid to go all out and have a formal sit down meal! If that’s too formal for your taste, try a Venetian carnival buffet. Venetian carnival fritters are ribbons of sweet pasta fried and covered with sugar or honey and they are a carnival classic. You could also do a fruit and cheese buffet, and a chocolate fountain, don’t forget the food picks! These are great snacks for your masquerade guests, and enough options can substitute for a meal altogether.


One of the easiest party favor options at a masquerade theme party is to provide your guests with masquerade masks. Provide an assortment of feather, glitter and plastic masquerade masks at the door that your guests can choose from before entering the party. Another great party favor idea would be formal wear costume items, this could include top hats, tiaras, and feather boas This gives your guests an extra air of extravagance that they may not have thought of on their own. If you want to stay away from costume items, you could have a photographer or photo booth for guests to take their pictures in their formal wear and masquerade masks. Since they got dressed up, an ideal party favor would be a party picture to commemorate the evening.

Games & Entertainment

At a formal masquerade theme party dancing is the easiest entertainment! If you want extra mystery fun, add a murder mystery event to your party! And if you have a formal masquerade, don’t forget to have a best dressed competition. This will inspire your guests to go all out with their gowns and masks!